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Lamoni Produce Auction

1) Buyers must register at the office for a buyer's identification number.

2) Registry consists of buyer's name, company name, sales tax number, address, and telephone number. If aplicatable, sales tax will be charged unless a legitimate tax number is on the file.

3) Buyer's number is used whenever a purchase is made at the auction and is to be displayed for the auctioneer's veiw.

4) The buyer is responsible for the inspection of the quality and grading of produce offered for sale and will place bids accordingly.

5)The auction shall not be held liable in situations where the seller has misrepresented the quality of his/her produce. It serves as an agent between buyers and sellers. However, Lamoni Produce Auction shall serve as arbitrater in negotiating a settlement in an effort to satisfy both parties.

6) All items are sold as is, where is, unless otherwise stated by the auctioneer.

7) The buyers become the owners of the produce when the bidding is done. Lamoni Produce Auction cannot be held responsible for theft, missing, or damaged produce or proberty in loading, unloading, or transportation.

8) The buyers will not have the option of splitting lots

9) There will be absolutely no sales transactions of any kind permitted on the market property except through the auction. Pooling by buyers is absolutely forbidden. When caught, the buyer will be banned from the market for the remainder of the season.

10) Buyer is responsible for loading his produce onto his vehicle after purchase is made. Pallets will be charged to the buyer and refunded if brought back.

11) Buyer shall remove from the premises all produce purchased on the day of the sale unless prior arrangement has been made with the manager. Lamoni Produce Auction will not be responsible for any produce left behind after the sale.

12) Buyer shall pay in full for all produce purchased immediately after the sale. There will be a $50 fee charged on all returned checks.

13) All accounts must be paid in full before bidding in the next auction.

14) Any annoucement made on the day of sale shall take precedence over printed matter.

15) By registering for a buyer's number, the buyer agrees to the terms set forth above.

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